The smartwatches to give for Christmas 2016. Our selection

For tech enthusiasts, the smartwatch still remains an object to be deciphered. Here are our tips on the models to choose for the tech gift for Christmas

Launched in the hope of helping the user in everyday life, smartwatches have known more or less happy periods. But in 2016 it seems that things have changed, thanks mainly to the launch of new wearables by companies from the high fashion companies that have allowed smartwatches to be aesthetically more beautiful.

From Armani to Fossil, via Michael Kors (not forgetting the partnership between Apple and Hermès), all companies have presented a hybrid smartwatch. Externally they are identical to normal wristwatches, but inside they hide sensors and chips that collect data on daily activity, number of steps taken, distance covered, calories burned. In addition, the dial hides a screen from which you can read smartphone notifications. Real smartwatches, hidden in the body of a normal watch. And if for Christmas 2016 you have decided to give your partner a smartwatch, in the photo gallery above you will find our recommendations.

Emporio Armani Connected

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If you are looking for a smartwatch that combines "smart" features with a unique style, one of the best wearables to give as a gift for Christmas 2016 is Emporio Armani Connected. The Italian company has launched its first hybrid smartwatch that allows users to check statistics on their physical activity and monitor the quality of their sleep. But that's not all. In fact, the wearable can be connected to the smartphone and receive notifications directly on the smartwatch screen. In addition, it allows you to manage your music playlist, take photos from your smartphone remotely, check appointments in your calendar and find your smartphone through the search function. As for the design, the Emporio Armani brand is synonymous with elegance and quality in the choice of materials. The Armani smartwatch can be purchased online at a price of around 300 euros.

Fossil Q Founder

Smartwatch made by the American fashion company, Fossil Q Founder blends the elegance of steel with sensors to keep track of your physical activity. For Christmas 2016, the Fossil Q Founder smartwatch is a great tech gift idea, especially for those who had declined to buy a wearable due to their lackluster aesthetics. The smartwatch is based on Android Wear and allows the user to connect with their smartphone to receive WhatsApp notifications or incoming calls. Also, thanks to the built-in microphone you can quickly manage your activities. On the screen you can monitor in real time the number of steps taken and calories burned, while on the smartphone app you can analyze all the data collected. The autonomy is about 24 hours and the straps are interchangeable. It can be purchased online for a figure of about 270 euros.

Fossil Q Tailor

In contrast to the previous model, the Fossil Q Tailor smartwatch does not have a touch screen, but it integrates some typical wearable features inside. The Fossil Q Tailor is a hybrid smartwatch with a battery life of up to six hours. Thanks to the sensors under the dial, it monitors the number of steps taken daily, calories burned and sleep quality. All data collected can be analyzed on the application developed for smartphones and tablets. The hybrid smartwatch can be connected with one's device in order to receive notifications of messages, emails and set the alarm in the morning on the wearable. It also allows you to manage the music played on your smartphone. The Fossil Q Tailor hybrid smartwatch is an ideal Christmas 2016 tech gift for those looking for an item that combines style with the latest technological breakthroughs. The smartwatch can be purchased on major e-commerce sites at a price of around 200 euros.

Michael Kors Access

An uncompromising smartwatch that combines the elegance of design with the functionality of the best wearables available on the market. The Michael Kors Access smartwatch is one of the best tech gift ideas for Christmas 2016, with a very good value for money. The wearable offers the user the ability to choose the background of the face/screen and set only the notifications of the apps you use the most. The sensors, inoltri, track your sports activity and monitor the number of steps taken, calories burned and sleep quality. Users can set up to two different time zones on the dial, which is a very useful feature especially if you constantly work with companies that are based on the other side of the world. Michael Kors Access is priced at around 350 euros and can be purchased both on the manufacturer's website and on the main Italian e-commerce sites.

iMacwear Unik

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If your budget for a 2016 Christmas hi-tech gift doesn't allow for big spending, you can still buy a hybrid smartwatch that ensures basic functionality. The iMacwear Unik wearable has nothing to envy compared to more emblazoned smartwatches, the only difference being the use of silicone instead of steel or leather for making the strap. As for the rest, the smartwatch integrates the typical features of a fitness tracker and allows you to keep track of smartphone notifications. The autonomy of the iMacwear Unik is about 30 days and the battery can be recharged via the device given with the smartwatch. The real surprise is the price: iMacwear Unik can be purchased for a figure of about 90 euros on the main e-commerce sites.

Samsung Gear S3

The South Korean company has also adapted to the latest trends in the industry and launched a smartwatch that takes care of the style down to the last detail. The Samsung Gear S3 integrates the classic functions of a fitness tracker with the addition of apps that allow you to both check your phone notifications and thoroughly analyze your athletic performance. For sports enthusiasts, the Samsung Gear S3 is one of the best smartwatches to receive as a 2016 Christmas tech gift. Users will be able to interact with the wearable via both the steel bezel and natural language. The price of the Samsung Gear S3 is around 400 euros.

Apple Watch 2

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In a buying guide on smartwatches to give for Christmas 2016, it is impossible not to mention the Apple Watch 2, the latest wearable from the Cupertino company that allows you to have the main features of your smartphone at your fingertips. The wearable monitors your physical activity and allows you to check your vital parameters, but the best of itself is when you connect it with your iPhone. Thanks to the applications available on the Apple Store, each user will be able to install games and utilities that will simplify their lives. Compared to hybrid smartwatches, the Apple Watch 2 has a less elegant design, but the user will be able to embellish his device thanks to the straps made by Hermès. For the basic model, the price is around 400 euros, while for the version with the straps made by the French haute couture company, the cost increases up to 1700 euros.

Asus Zenwatch 3

Compared to other smartwatches, it has a more affordable cost and a design that is more reminiscent of analog watches. The wearable of the Taiwanese company mounts the Android Wear operating system and allows you to download all applications available on the Google Play Store. The functionalities are those typical of a smartwatch, with the possibility to use Fitbit or Runtastic applications to monitor your physical activity. Battery life is about two days. The Asus Zenwatch 3 can be purchased online for a little over 260 euros.


The future of the U.S. startup reigns in total uncertainty, after the acquisition by Fitbit. Nothing is known about the development of future smartwatches, while those still commercially available are still among the best in the industry. The Pebble smartwatch is especially suitable for those who like to "geek out" with their devices. In fact, Pebble uses a proprietary operating system, but thanks to the community you can find any kind of application and functionality. The Pebble Time can be purchased for a figure of about 80 euros.

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