Who is CutiePieMarzia

Seven years after the creation of the channel, the most famous Italian youtuber in the world decides to put an end to her experience on Google's social

With the passage of time, Chiara Ferragni has somewhat stolen her scene, becoming the most important Italian influencer (and among the most well-known and respected in the world). Perhaps, it was also the name chosen, a bit 'unusual in our latitudes, to have a little' penalized. In short, if you don't know who CutiePieMarzia is, most likely you might not be the only one, but this certainly doesn't justify your "ignorance".

Between the most famous Italian YouTubers, CutiePieMarzia is known all over the world and manages a very popular YouTube channel, with 7 million followers. Here you can find (or rather, it was possible to find) a bit of everything: from videos in which we talk about video games to "couple" videos, from vacation videos to the inevitable movies with dogs and cats. This, at least, until October 22, when Marzia decided to put an end to her experience on YouTube, deleting most of the videos (there are only 7 left) and saying goodbye to her fans with a farewell video.

Who is Marzia Bisognin, aka CutiePieMarzia

The "career" as a youtuber of Marzia Bisognin - first name of CutiePieMarzia - began in January 2012. At that time, the young native of Arzignano (in the province of Vicenza) had recently moved to Sweden to live with her boyfriend, Felix Kjellberg. Known to most with the nickname of PewDiePie, he is one of the most famous youtuber in the world (if not the most known and followed) and great expert of videogames (but not only). Day after day, CutiePieMarzia's fan base grows and, within a few months, she becomes one of the very first Italian youtubers to reach international fame. Today Marzia still lives with Felix Kjellberg (even if they moved to the United Kingdom, in Brighton) and manages, as already said, a YouTube channel with more than 7 million users and more than half a billion views.

Why CutiePieMarzia closes her YouTube channel

As explained in the long farewell video, in which she retraces all her "journey on YouTube", Marzia also explains the reasons that pushed her to say goodbye to YouTube. First of all, the desire to take a new path - that she can feel more her own - and to face new challenges. However, affirms the young Italian influencer, it is not a farewell, but a goodbye on another platform.