Aibo, the robotic pet dog, is back

Sony, ten years later, is relaunching its robotic dog on the market. Aibo thanks to machine learning has its own personality

A decade later Sony is trying to relaunch Aibo, the robotic pet dog. The company has released on the market, for now only in Japan, a small household robot in the shape of a small dog that thanks to machine learning adapts to the family or person from whom it is bought.

Aibo moves just like a small dog. It wiggles its ears, wags its tail, and cheers when it sees its owner. He is designed to develop his own personality through daily interactions with his owners. To "see" Aibo uses two tiny OLED eyes, through the screens he can also change his expression. Aibo is able to use body language to make itself understood by its human owners. Obviously it can also bark simulating the howls, yelps and growls of a real dog. The four robotic paws, on the other hand, allow the doggie to perform 22 different movements.

Aibo, the robot dog

Aibo is able to recognize our smiles, reprimands and cuddles and reacts accordingly. The robot learns and remembers what actions make the owner happy and once bought it explores the house to store a map of the physical spaces within which it can move. Aibo has a speaker, 4 microphones and several sensors. One sensitive to pressure, one to touch and yet another capable of analyzing the distance or proximity of an object. Sony claims that Aibo has a battery life of 2 hours on a single charge. A full charge occurs in about 3 hours. The robot connects to the home Wi-Fi network and weighs about 2 pounds.

Aibo Price

Sony has also made a useful app for users who have purchased Aibo. The app is called "My Aibo". The app can be used to take pictures from the robot dog's eyes, access the store and buy personalized items for Aibo. Aibo will currently only be available in Japan, with pre-orders having already started on Sony's website. The cost of the robot dog is just over $1,700.