How to choose a video camera for home security

A good video surveillance camera system is the most comprehensive method of securing homes, let’s see which are the best on the market Nowadays security is very important. On the Internet as well as in everyday life. A good system to secure our homes is to equip them with video surveillance cameras. In this way, we can constantly … Read more

MediaTek doesn’t stop any longer: two more chips for the mid-range

MediaTek further enhances its range of chips by introducing two mid-range chips: they are Dimensity 920 and 810, here are the most relevant features With the officialization of two more mid-range chips, Dimensity 920 and Dimensity 810, the process of expansion and improvement of the MediaTek range continues unabated, together with Samsung one of the … Read more

How much 5G is faster than 4G in Italy

OpenSignal carried out a research on the speed of the 5G network in the nations where it was launched: the results for Italy are not comforting We all know the promises of 5G by now: more stable network, more users connected stably in small spaces, very low latency and, above all, much (but much) more … Read more