Spotify rewards short songs and artists adjust

Spotify rewards shorter songs that are offered more often to listeners. Bands and singers are adapting. Here’s how the music world will change When it comes to streaming music, one of the first platforms that pops into mind is Spotify. The service was founded in 2008 and in ten years has reached about 220 million … Read more

Five tips to defend against ransomware

Ransomware is some of the most feared and fastest-growing malware, locking devices in exchange for a cash ransom. Here are five tips to defend yourself We’ve often talked about ransomware, the malware that can lock our devices, including files, videos, data and photos, and demand a cash ransom to unlock them. They are among the … Read more

How to see live streaming and TV Fognini – Murray

Fognini – Murray is one of the matches of the second round of the Shanghai Master 1000: here’s how to see the match on TV and streaming Fognini – Murray is a match of the second round of the Shanghai ATP 2019, a tournament of the Masters 1000 circuit played on the concrete courts of … Read more