Google brings artificial intelligence to soccer: first tests with Liverpool

Artificial intelligence is now everywhere, even in the game of soccer: here’s how DeepMind (Google) and Liverpool are collaborating to create the coach’s virtual assistant. Technology is bursting into the world of soccer. Whether it will contribute to evolve it in a positive or negative way is still too early to say, but first VAR, … Read more

Spying on WhatsApp, how to defend yourself

You think someone can monitor WhatsApp and read your chats and the messages you exchange with your friends. Here’s how to defend yourself The native addition of end-to-end encryption has meant that WhatsApp conversations are protected from potential digital snoopers who, with a man-in-the-middle attack, can intercept the messages we exchange with our friends and … Read more

Google, Pixel 3 with eSIM also arrives in Europe

After the iPhone Xs, Google also jumps on virtual SIM cards. From the next few days will be available in Great Britain and Germany Pixel 3 with eSIM Even in Europe will soon come support for eSIM on Google Pixel 3 smartphones: it was announced by Google itself, with a post on its blog. The … Read more