Huawei Mate X, the flexible smartphone as big as a tablet

Huawei presents at Mobile World Congress 2019 the Mate X, its first foldable smartphone. It will hit the market towards the end of 2019. Here’s what it looks like It was the most important device of Huawei’s conference at Mobile World Congress 2019 and it didn’t disappoint expectations. The Chinese company finally unveiled its first … Read more

Why using wireless charging is not a good idea

Wireless charging is definitely innovative and convenient for smartphones, but it would be better not to use it: here’s why More and more new generation smartphones support wireless charging. It’s convenient, innovative, and you don’t have to deal with wires, but there are also reasons why using it isn’t a good idea. Not only does … Read more

Samsung could also make a gaming smartphone

Samsung seems ready to launch its first gaming smartphone with a fan-cooling system: all the clues Samsung’s top-of-the-line smartphones have such high performance that they are also suitable for gaming, but to date the South Korean company does not offer a dedicated gaming smartphone model. A new patent filed, however, suggests that a dedicated smartphone … Read more