Coca Cola launches the bottle to take and share selfies

The U.S. company has launched for the Coca-Cola Summer Love the first bottle that takes selfies. For the moment, it is only available in Israel Now that summer is over and it is impossible to take pictures lying on the beach, Coca Cola has decided to create a bottle that takes selfies. A very particular … Read more

Asteroid worth 4 billion is entering Earth’s orbit

Her nickel, iron and cobalt deposits are estimated to be worth billions. A giant “potentially dangerous” space rock is approaching our planet. A giant “potentially dangerous” space rock larger than the Eiffel Tower will enter Earth’s orbit next week. That’s what Nasa has released. It is the egg-shaped asteroid, called 4660 Nereus that will break … Read more

A new WhatsApp feature changes the way you use groups

A small icon will let us know quickly and conveniently which groups to open first, because there are important messages to read. The WhatsApp groups are a very useful tool to communicate with several people at once, whether for work or leisure. They are also very convenient, provided that the members are not too many … Read more