Chromecast with Google TV, why it’s important

Google TV isn’t Android TV: it’s Google inside the TV and it’s something that could become very important soon Google has just unveiled the latest evolution of its Chromecast dongle to stream content on all TVs, even non-smart ones and even without Android TV. It is a new but not revolutionary device, at least from … Read more

Come montare video in maniera semplice e veloce – Filmora 9

Nuovi programmi,  facili e gratuiti da utilizzare che offrono sia strumenti “base” per tagliare e montare video sia strumenti avanzati come il green screen Fino a qualche anno fa per montare video su un PC Windows era necessario spendere centinaia di euro e avere conoscenze e capacità informatiche degne di nota. Anche operazioni semplici come … Read more

Sleep Number 360, the smart bed that adapts to the person

The bed of the future? It will be smart and thanks to sensors will track the quality of sleep to offer the best possible rest to the person Until now, to track the quality of one’s sleep, fitness trackers or wearables were used to be inserted inside one’s pillow or between the blankets. CES 2017 … Read more