How the criminals behind the ransomware phenomenon are organized

Research by Kaspersky Lab experts has shed light on ransomware: most come from Russia and have corporate structure In the world of computer security, as we have often pointed out lately, ransomware is the most worrying problem. Also because it is continuously growing. According to Kaspersky Lab research, one user every ten seconds and one … Read more

Cybersecurity alert: 300 thousand IoT devices affected

The network of Internet of Things devices infected by Hajime, a very dangerous family of malware capable of launching large-scale attacks Not a day goes by when there isn’t a new cybersecurity threat. And once again, hackers have targeted the always-connected objects of the Internet of Things, infected by a mysterious malware and ready to … Read more

Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 comes out on August 10: it’s revolutionary

Finally there’s certainty: Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is coming and it will do so on August 10. Here’s what to expect from Xiaomi’s most expensive smartphone ever. After a long series of rumors and an equally long absence from the market, Xiaomi’s Mi Mix series is finally back to being concrete and topical. The revolutionary … Read more