What is e-ink technology and how it works

Electronic ink is the technology used in all e-book displays: it imitates the appearance of ink on a sheet of paper by exploiting sunlight Electronic ink is a special technology invented in 1996 by Joe Jacobson that imitates the appearance of “real” ink on a sheet of paper. Electronic paper has been very successful and … Read more

How to see Joshua – Ruiz on TV and streaming

At 21:00 Joshua and Ruiz face each other for the heavyweight belt: here’s how to see the fight on TV and streaming This eveningĀ 7 December at 21:00 Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr. face each other for the world heavyweight title. A match very awaited by the fans of the “noble art”: it’s the rematch … Read more

Hacker attack underway in Italy: watch out for attached invoices

In the last few days, two hacker attacks are putting the IT security of Italian users at risk. Both exploit the trick of false invoices Don’t open that email message: it could contain a virus. It’s not a generic warning but a specific indication related to two hacker attacks currently underway in Italy, by an … Read more