How to hide an app on your smartphone

Both Android and iOS allow you to hide an app from your smartphone without having to uninstall it: here’s how to do it Until a couple of years ago to hide an app from your smartphone you needed to jailbreak the device, both in Android and iOS devices. Now it’s different. The restrictions are much … Read more

Stop tablets for babies: cognitive development at risk

Children under two years old risk developing some problems in language acquisition if they spend a lot of time in front of a screen Do your children spend a lot of time with smartphones and tablets? Be careful, they could develop serious cognitive problems. According to the study, presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting … Read more

Protect your online bank account from hackers

Of the various cyber attacks, those that aim to get hold of users’ financial data are on the rise. Here’s what to do to defend yourself Hackers never take a vacation, not even in the summer. It sounds like a movie title, but unfortunately, it’s the plain, unvarnished truth. Among the different types of attacks, … Read more