Advertising on Netflix, comes the denial

Netflix will never have advertising: it is confirmed by the CEO who also talks about the great results achieved also thanks to The Witcher After closing 2019 in growth, Netflix definitely denies a news that had been circulating for some time. It was the co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings to reassure users by promising that … Read more

Telegram, animated stickers arrive

Telegram further improves its stickers, adding an animated version as well. Smoother and lighter than GIFs, they can be created by anyone In the challenge between messaging apps, Telegram always seems to be one step ahead of the more highly rated WhatsApp. Or, at least, it is when it comes to stickers. The Russian messaging … Read more

How to save on Amazon (even during Prime Day deals!)

During Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday you can get great deals, but saving on Amazon is possible every day Amazon no longer needs to be introduced: it is the e-commerce of reference for hundreds of millions of users worldwide, where you can find and buy almost anything. The offer is so wide … Read more