What is the difference between optical zoom and digital zoom

Most cameras usually have both zooms. One is a mechanical optical tool, while the other acts on the pixels The zoom is a fundamental element of every camera. Its main function is to increase the size of the framed image and to enlarge the field of view. But in the last case the optical device doesn’t enlarge … Read more

How to block calls from call centers with Google’s feature

Google wants to field Assistant to counter the onslaught of scam calls. Artificial intelligence will answer the phone for us If in Italy calls from call centers are a nuisance, with telephone operators who want to sell us everything from energy to telephony, passing through mattresses, in the United States perhaps they are even worse … Read more

Google integrates Meet within Gmail: how it works

Google Meet becomes free for all users with a G Suite account: integration with Gmail will come soon. Here’s the news To respond to the advance of Zoom, that during the lockdown for the coronavirus pandemic has grown enormously both in number of users and hours of use, both Microsoft and Google are pushing their … Read more