Home Internet Offers: the best deals to save money in August 2020

August is the month in which most Italians can go on vacation: summer vacation is practically synonymous with more time at your disposal to deal with household chores and what you were putting off for a long time, such as the search for new home Internet offers to save on your Internet bill. The best … Read more

How to increase the storage space in an Android smartphone

Here are some techniques, all very simple to apply, to increase the storage space available on Android smartphones The storage space is one of the main aspects to consider when buying an Android smartphone. The various apps and the space occupied by the operating system, in fact, occupy¬†the memory very quickly. So let’s see some … Read more

Huawei Honor 6S spotted online. First photos on Twitter

Huawei, after the recent official presentation of the Honor 6X last month, would prepare for the launch of its brother Honor 6S in January next year The information on the technical characteristics of the Huawei Honor 6S are still few, fragmented and awaiting confirmation, but the stolen image published on Twitter satisfies, at least in … Read more

The Mandalorian: the behind-the-scenes

How did the second season of the Star Wars-inspired series come about? What are the ideas and technologies used? Find out on Disney + with the Christmas special. Disney + is one of the main video streaming platforms in Italy. Its success is due to the many contents available, many of them original. Among these … Read more