How smartwatches with SIM work and which one to buy

Smartwatches with SIM are devices with advanced connectivity, in fact they can accommodate a real or virtual phone card to use the wearable as a phone. In particular, these devices allow you to make and receive calls, send messages or connect to the internet, to make the smartwatch even more functional. Finding them on the … Read more

After Apple another big says goodbye to Intel: here’s who it is

Clamorous news reported by Bloomberg: Intel is about to lose its most profitable market because of the choice of a giant, ready to take a historic step. A very bad air is blowing for Intel: after the presentation of Apple’s M1 chip based on ARM architecture, which started the farewell to X86 processors by the … Read more

What are DNS and why they ended up breaking the Internet

Fifteen minutes of fame, Andy Warhol more or less said, is refused to no one. Not even the DNS. Remaining in the shadows until October 21, 2016, they gained international prominence when they caused a malfunction that knocked out the Internet halfway around the world. In addition to IP surveillance cameras and dozens of other … Read more