WhatsApp: it will no longer be possible to save profile pictures

WhatsApp has eliminated the ability to download the profile picture of their friends to protect security and privacy: here’s what changes WhatsApp updates and eliminates a feature widely used by users: saving the profile picture of their friends. This is a big news, especially from the privacy point of view. As we reported a couple … Read more

NASA: the man will return to the Moon in 2025

NASA sends back of one year the return of the astronauts on the Moon: the Artemis 3 mission, that will bring the first woman on the Moon, will not start before 2025. It was in the air since some time, but the confirmation arrived only in the last days: the Artemis program, that foresaw the … Read more

What is Adware and How to Defend Against It

Adware is a malicious program that generally has two goals: to spy on the victims’ online behavior and to show advertisements Adware is one of the most common and widely used computer infections. They are malicious programs that generally pursue two goals: to spy on victims’ online behavior and to display advertisements. They are very … Read more

How ASCII Characters Work

Thanks to the ASCII code it is possible to insert special characters and symbols in a text. Find out in this article its origins, what it is and how to use it. How many times have you wasted time looking for special characters such as €, { while writing a text on the PC? The … Read more