Che cosa è la modalità silenziosa sugli smartphone Android

Prima disponibile solo sui Google Pixel, la modalità silenziosa o Flip ti Shhh arriva anche sugli smartphone degli altri produttori: ecco quali e come fare ad usarla Oggi sono diventati smartphone, ma un tempo erano semplicemente telefoni cellulari. Ma, ancora oggi, servono anche e soprattutto per telefonare. Ma non tutti gli smartphone Android telefonano allo … Read more

How to uninstall preinstalled Android apps

Bloatware are the useless apps installed by Google or the manufacturer on the smartphone and slow down its performance. Here’s how to get rid of them Not all the apps preinstalled on our Android smartphone are really useful. Sometimes the manufacturers, or Google itself, put programs on our device that we never use but that … Read more

Google Messages more secure: now has Signal encryption

With a muted announcement, Google has let people know about the debut of end-to-end encryption on Google Messages: what it is and how it works Last November, Google announced that it was working on the introduction of end-to-end encryption (E2EE) on Google Messages. The new feature, which aims to greatly increase the security and privacy … Read more

Online sexual blackmail attempts are on the rise, what to do

According to research, sexual blackmail is rapidly growing online. Here’s how to avoid ending up among the victims It’s usually younger people who fall for it but, looking at the latest statistics, it’s a rapidly growing phenomenon that now affects all age groups. The sextortion (literally sexual extortion), in short, has become a threat as … Read more