When iPhone 13 and Google Pixel 6 arrive

Two of the most anticipated devices, Apple’s smartphones – the iPhone 13 – and Google’s smartphones – the Pixel 6 – will be official any day now: the latest on dates The year 2020, to put it mildly, has been a peculiar year and many habits have been disrupted in a very short time. Habits … Read more

Green Pass on WhatsApp, the Police warns: beware of that link

The Postal Police has issued a specific alert: on WhatsApp runs a doubly deceptive message about the Green Pass, with a very dangerous link. The obligation of the Green Pass from August 6 has given yet another opportunity for cyber criminals to attempt new deceptions against unsuspecting, inexperienced and unwary users. After the Telegram groups … Read more

Send GIFs on WhatsApp, with iPhone possible thanks to update

The new feature, at the moment will only be available for Apple, will also allow you to turn Live Photos and videos into GIFs A news that will make happy all fans of GIFs owners of an iPhone. With the latest update released in recent days, Whatsapp for iOS will support sending and receiving GIFs. … Read more