Augmented Eternity, the app that will make us immortal

Entrepreneur Hossein Rahnama is making the Augmented Eternity app to create a digital copy of our soul that will be able to live forever Nowadays we have apps that can do anything, now, maybe, we can also become immortal thanks to an app. Thanks to Augmented Eternity, a sort of digital memory where some of our concepts and … Read more

Motorola pleases fans with a new top of the range: Moto G100

Motorola prepares the international launch of Moto G100: the new top of the range is the international version of the Edge S sold in China. With Moto G100 Motorola offers its fans a new top of the range model. After debuting in China earlier this year under the name Motorola Edge S, the manufacturer launches … Read more

Google search now has the dark theme: how to activate it

The dark theme completes the “tour” of Google apps and services: it has arrived on the most famous search engine, here’s how it works and how to activate it In recent years, the dark theme has aroused a lot of interest in the world of technology. It has arrived on Android and on the iPhone … Read more