Fortnite, arriva l’ottava stagione: pirati e nuove armi

Finalmente è disponibile la stagione 8 di Fortnite, tra mappa a tema piratesco, nuove armi e nuove sfide. Il grande giorno è finalmente arrivato. L’ottava stagione di Fortnite è finalmente disponibile: in queste ore, la Epic Games ha infatti messo a disposizione il nuovo aggiornamento, che cancellerà le lande innevate in cui i giocatori si … Read more

How to recover your files when your computer no longer turns on

If for some reason you can no longer restart your computer, you can try to get back possession of the files contained in your hard disk: here’s what to do Your computer has decided not to turn on anymore. You’ve tried everything: nothing, it really seems dead. In such cases, the first thought runs to … Read more

Why your USB cable won’t charge your phone and how to fix it

Some users are complaining of charging issues with USB type C cables, including the Pixel 4. The reason is to be found in some internal components of the cable itself Most of today’s battery-powered electronic devices charge via a standard USB cable: some use the USB-C standard, others the micro USB, but usually you can … Read more