Digital Terrestrial: the news at the beginning of September

There is time for the final switch off, but in the meantime, channels are still being moved from one Mux to another and Muxes are being switched off with scrapping. Here are the latest news from North to South. Despite the postponement to mid-October of the start of the switch off to the second generation … Read more

Learn to draw Spider-Man with new comic book app

The app made by the Sliney brothers offers free tutorials that help artists, both professional and amateur, perfect their creations You’d like to create comics, but don’t know how? To your aid comes a new drawing app, Learn How to Draw. The app is currently only available for Android users and can be downloaded for … Read more

Android notifications, how to read them even from PC and Mac

To manage from Windows and Mac computers the notifications that arrive on your Android smartphone you can use the Pushbullet program. Here’s how it works When we’re working on the PC, it’s likely that our smartphone will ring or vibrate to alert us of a new notification. If we have to check our phone every … Read more