Ransomware shuts down the British health system: hospitals out of action

After the attack in Spain, also the United Kingdom pays toll to hackers. Knocked out the health system, closed hospitals forced to postpone operations Quite an intense day on the cybersecurity front. After the morning attack that put out of order the internal networks of Telefonica, Vodafone and other Spanish companies, in the afternoon hackers … Read more

The best apps to experience augmented reality

Thanks to 3D viewers and virtual reality apps you can experience augmented reality with maps of the Earth, roller coasters and more. The VR apps, those that through a 3D viewer allow you to immerse yourself in virtual reality, are so many that understanding which of them can offer the best experience has become really … Read more

WhatsApp, from February 1, 2020 goodbye to some iPhones: what happens

WhatsApp announces the end of support for iPhones with operating system iOS 8. Here’s what changes and what to do to prevent the problem From February 1, 2020 WhatsApp will no longer support iPhones with operating system iOS 8 or earlier. To announce it is the same company that has published a post within the … Read more