Instagram, new polls with emoji arrive. How they work

In the latest Instagram update we will be able to insert responses with emoji to our polls in the Stories, here’s how to use them on our profile Instagram is updating its algorithms to offer a new feature to its hundreds of millions of users. As of today, in fact, a new way to make┬ápolls … Read more

After 15 years Cervia di Campioni with Gullo is back: where to see it

“Campioni” is in a way back on TV. Other protagonists, another format, another interaction, but Cervia will always be at the center: Francesco Gullo’s announcement In the past, reality shows were very popular, today it’s TV series. Once upon a time – it was 2004 – there was Campioni, the dream on the small screen, … Read more

Squid Game apps are all dangerous: here’s why

Hackers are taking advantage of the worldwide success of Squid Game and publishing the first apps inspired by the Korean series of records: here’s what you risk by downloading them That Squid Game is a global phenomenon, which will probably go down in streaming history, can be guessed not only from the audience figures released … Read more

The Xiaomi range grows again: coming Mi 11X and MI 11X Pro

Xiaomi is about to present two new smartphone models, which are not new: they are rebrands of devices already on sale that will be added to the already wide offer of the Chinese manufacturer. The range of smartphones in the pipeline for Xiaomi does not end. In fact, the Chinese giant has announced the arrival … Read more

How to choose a TV Box and some models to buy

Do you want to watch Netflix on an older TV? Do you want to play games without spending the money on a console? If you’re reading this article, you probably know the solution to these needs: it’s called a TV Box and it can make any kind of television smart. Also known as set-top-to-box (STB), … Read more