Scam on Instagram, beware of fake prizes

Postal Police warn of a phishing campaign running on Instagram. They promise rich prizes, but steal data and money If, up until now, your worries were largely directed at WhatsApp and Facebook, you’ll now have to watch out for Instagram as well. As noted by the Postal Police and communicated through the official Facebook account, … Read more

Diaphragm, shutter speed and ISO: how to take perfect photos

Aphragm, shutter speed and ISO are three of the parameters that a good photographer must take into account to take a perfect picture Aphragms, shutter speed and ISO represent the so-called “exposure triangle”. The aperture determines the amount of light reaching the sensor at the moment of shooting, the time is the unit of measurement … Read more

How to create a Telegram group and send an invitation

Telegram is gaining more and more ground against WhatsApp and other messaging apps because it has superior potential: for example, when we want to create a group. WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most widely used instant messaging service in our parts, but its rival Telegram, with the passage of time and thanks to a series of … Read more