IPhone 13 will have the fastest Wi-Fi of all

According to the latest rumors, iPhones 13 will have the latest in wireless data transmission, Wi-Fi 6e: here are the details and what it consists of Apple is ready to introduce Wi-Fi 6e on iPhone 13, the latest evolution of the sixth generation of wireless data transmission technology. A great leap forward in terms of … Read more

What to do when it is impossible to establish a secure connection

Complete guide to understand what is the meaning of the error message “unable to establish a secure connection”, its causes and how to solve it. “Unable to establish a secure connection”, an error message not so rare when, from a computer, smartphone or tablet, we are browsing the Internet and typing the name of a … Read more

Navigare sicuri in vacanza: perché scegliere la VPN

Il mondo iperconnesso dei nostri giorni ci offre molteplici sfide ma altrettanti pericoli, specie se non si conoscono a fondo i rischi. E rischi, pericoli e insicurezze non sono certo le basi migliori su cui progettare una vacanza all’insegna di relax e tranquillità. Tanto che ci si appresti a pianificare una vacanza last minute o … Read more

How to type special characters

Although modern keyboards are getting more and more advanced, in some cases it is necessary to understand how to type special characters, to integrate different symbols within the text than those in common use. To do this, there are several options available, depending on whether you have a Windows PC or Mac OS, or Android … Read more