Perché Huawei P50 non arriverà prima di giugno 2021

Nuovi problemi per Huawei, sempre più isolata nel mercato globale degli smartphone: a causa del ban americano avrebbe difficoltà a reperire i componenti del prossimo top di gamma P50. Tra gli smartphone Android top di gamma 2021 c’è ancora un grande assente: Huawei P50. E, purtroppo per i fan del brand cinese, sarà assente ancora … Read more

Skype doesn’t work April 26, what’s going on

Since early afternoon the VoIP platform owned by Microsoft has stopped working. The causes of the malfunction are unknown A warning had already been given in the middle of the night, between 3 and 6 in the morning. A time, however, in which very few Italian Internet users are online and everything had passed rather … Read more

Disney+, how to watch Marvel movies in chronological order

Among the content on Disney + are the movies of Marvel heroes. In recent years they have achieved great success at the box office and the passion for comic book heroes has increased. On Disney + you can see all the movies dedicated to the famous superheroes: from Iron Man, up to Hulk and Thor, … Read more