Goodbye 3D televisions: Samsung patents the holographic TV

Unlike the 3D TV, the holographic TV increases the viewing points, creating a sort of suspended dimension where images are projected Samsung is ready to amaze once again. The Korean company in a few years could launch the first holographic TV, as evidenced by the patent that the hi-tech giant has filed last January and … Read more

Cern has discovered the longest-lived particle ever

From observing the particle, physicists hope to produce stable exotic particles. It has the longest decay time of any exotic matter and is composed of two quarks and two antiquarks A new exotic matter particle with very special characteristics has been discovered by scientists at Cern and presented at the European Physical Society Conference on … Read more

Fibra ottica, Aruba nuovo operatore su rete Open Fiber: cosa offre

L’azienda italiana famosa per i suoi servizi di data center, hosting e registrazione domini si lancia nel mercato delle connessioni in fibra ottica grazie a un accordo strategico con Open Fiber. Dai siti Web alle connessioni veloci a Internet: รจ il grande passo di Aruba, da anni provider di servizi di data center, hosting e … Read more

Smartphones with 200 MP cameras: will we see them in 2022?

The 200-megapixel sensor already exists, and it’s manufactured by Samsung. All the same, it seems that she will not be the company to use it for the first time The resolution of the cameras represents one of the parameters of a technical card that many consider most fascinating, and that sometimes make the purchase lean … Read more