WindTre announces the blocking of VAS services via SMS: what changes

In recent days WindTre customers have been receiving an SMS announcing the automatic blocking of VAS services: what they are and what changes from March 21 In recent days WindTre customers have begun to receive an SMS announcing the automatic and free blocking of VAS services from March 21. An unexpected text message, so much … Read more

5 programs to defend against ransomware and avoid losing data

To defend your computer from ransomware virus attack, simple antivirus is no longer enough. Here are the programs to protect your PC from ransomware Ransomware, the viruses that block access to computer data and demand a ransom in Bitcoin from users to get the unlocking key, have become “famous” during 2017. The WannaCry and Petya cyber-attacks, … Read more

After the eSIM comes Qualcomm’s iSIM

Qualcomm introduces the iSIM, a module integrated into the chip of electronic devices that could revolutionize the way we understand the “SIM card” Security and privacy issues have perhaps never been perceived as seriously as they have been in recent times, thanks to the fact that smartphones are increasingly the main guardians of our data. … Read more

How to listen to Amazon Music for free

Amazon Music is the new service that lets you listen to music for free from your smartphone and computer. Here’s how it works and how to sign up As of April 3, 2020, you can access Amazon Music even if you don’t have a subscription to Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited. To make the … Read more