Vega Stealer, the malware that steals passwords from Chrome and Firefox

Computer security researchers have discovered a new malware that can steal all user data on Chrome and Firefox web browsers Computer security researchers at ProofPoint have discovered a new malware, called Vega Stealer, that is designed to collect users’ banking data and credit card credentials saved on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. Vega Stealer is nothing … Read more

Trovate 9 app infette da rimuovere: conto e carte a rischio Alien

Nuovo metodo per trasmettere il virus per smartphone Android già noto e molto pericoloso Alien: gli hacker riescono ancora a superare i controlli del Play Store. Torna a farsi vivo il pericoloso trojan bancario Alien, un virus che attacca gli smartphone Android in cerca dei dati relativi a conti correnti e carte di credito. Questa … Read more

The most used password in 2020 is also the worst: which one is it

The most used password in 2020 according to SplashData’s ranking is also the worst: here’s which one it is If your password is also the string of numbers “123456”, the advice we have for you is to change it right away. Not only is this the most used password, according to SplashData’s annual 2020 ranking, it’s … Read more