What is Bitcoin2X and what changes in the world of cryptocurrencies

Bitcoins are shaken up by a new system update at the Blockchain level, here’s what it means and what we need to do if we own virtual coins Recently, various updates to the Bitcoin system have been causing cryptocurrency experts and investors to debate. These changes at the Blockchain level have been happening with regularity … Read more

IPhone Xs for only 1 euro? Beware of the new online scam

Who wouldn’t want to have an iPhone Xs and pay only 1 euro for it? Exploiting this desire, mysterious cybercriminals are scamming dozens of users online “Repetita iuvant” said the Latins and never better maxim can be applied today to the web. Especially if we refer to the many scam advertisements that populate the social … Read more

Apple Business Essentials is the new subscription for businesses

Apple makes official its new subscription designed for small and medium-sized businesses: it’s called Business Essential, here’s what it offers and how much it costs Apple has announced Business Essentials, a new subscription plan dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses, that is, those with up to 500 employees, and at the same time also the … Read more

Hacker Robin Hood: con un malware rubano ai ricchi per dare ai poveri

Non tutti gli hacker sono uguali: alcuni di loro affermano di rubare solo ai ricchi e di devolvere in beneficenza parte del ricavato Ci sono gli hacker cattivi, gli hacker buoni e poi ci sono gli hacker che fanno cose cattive ma affermano di avere saldi principi etici, fanno beneficenza e comunicano tutto ciĆ² tramite … Read more