What are the 49 dangerous extensions removed from Google Chrome

Google has removed 49 extensions from the Chrome store that were stealing users’ data and credentials. Many also suffered from cryptocurrency theft They looked like legitimate Chrome extensions to manage their cryptocurrency wallets but, in reality, all they were doing was stealing access data to the wallet itself and then, in some cases, stealing the … Read more

Hacker attack against Telefonica: computers locked and ransom demanded

A malware, probably generated by a group of Chinese cyber criminals, has sent the internal systems of the Spanish telephone company into a tailspin Hackers are targeting telephone companies. The Spanish company Telefonica in the day has, in fact, recorded a malware in its internal network. And according to some sources also Vodafone, Iberdrola (Spanish … Read more

With NexDock the smartphone turns into a small computer. Photo

Intel provides the Intel Compute Card and NexDock the second generation of notebook dock. From their union comes a mini laptop NexDock is not a real laptop, but a dock station – with screen, keyboard and integrated battery – which, until yesterday, allowed to connect a smartphone and use it with the typical comfort of … Read more