Esports, in China it’s forbidden to name Winnie The Pooh

In games like Pugb, World Of Warcraft and Arena of Valor it's forbidden to name Winnie The Pooh, but there's no ban

Chinese President Xi Jinping doesn't like Winnie The Pooh.

It must be the fault of the numerous memes and the fact that many of his compatriots often make fun of the resemblance between the Head of State and the cute bear who is crazy for honey. Some censorship measures related to the famous character, so loved by young and old, were already known, but now it seems that the ban has been extended to the world of eSports (when in the meantime, in our parts, many well-known personalities have decided to invest in electronic sports). Winnie The Pooh, in short, is also banned from the videogame world. In some cases, his name can't even be typed.

Among the games in the crosshairs of the Chinese politician there are surely Pubg, World Of Warcraft and Arena Of Valor. Josh Ye, on, claims that if you type the name Winnie The Pooh in chat, the system automatically replaces it with various punctuation marks or asterisks. Josh Ye, after several attempts, denies, however, that the same level of censorship exists in Overwatch and the countermeasure - ventilated by some - that naming Winnie The Pooh is automatically banned from the gaming world. In short, simply in China is not allowed to name the cute bear invented by A. A. Milne.