Euclideon, the holographic table for architects and designers

Australian start-up has created a system, including a table and glasses with motion trackers, that allows large projects to be visualized in 3D

The future is today. An Australian start-up, Euclideon, has created a work table that thanks to holograms makes three-dimensional projects and graphics. At first glance it looks like one of those holographic panels used in science fiction movies to plan star battles, but instead it is designed for SMEs.

The work table of the Australian company allows four designers or architects to study and edit a project together. To see graphs and elevations in three-dimensional form, you don't need virtual reality viewers, just simple glasses equipped with a motion tracker. To display a model in 3D, the system uses the frequency separation of crystalline films in the lenses. The Euclideon workbench's motion tracker calculates the position of our head to change the position of the design between the right and left lenses based on our movements, so that we don't lose the 3D look if we move from one initial position to another.

Game graphics engine

The graphics engine powering the workbench is Unlimited Detail, a solution thought up in the past for video games. This system allows designers to visualize huge virtual spaces that can be shrunk with a simple touch to bring out even the most insignificant details. A feature that proves very useful for designers and architects of large urban spaces. The start-up Euclideon has tested the table in some working environments and seems ready to launch the device commercially in early 2018 for a price of $47,000, almost €40,000.