How to restore an iPhone with or without iTunes

There are several ways to restore an iPhone, which is different from a simple reset, and you can also save the data first with a backup. Resetting an iPhone is the first thing you should do if you have decided to sell or give it away. This operation is fundamental to protect your privacy. In … Read more

WhatsApp, the Valentine’s Day scam arrives: how to defend yourself

The Valentine’s Day Scam has targeted many users on WhatsApp: here’s how it works and how to defend yourself It’s called the “Valentine’s Day Scam” and it’s the latest scam set up by malicious people to steal WhatsApp accounts from users. If in recent days you have received a strange message from an unknown number … Read more

Euclideon, the holographic table for architects and designers

Australian start-up has created a system, including a table and glasses with motion trackers, that allows large projects to be visualized in 3D The future is today. An Australian start-up, Euclideon, has created a work table that thanks to holograms makes three-dimensional projects and graphics. At first glance it looks like one of those holographic panels … Read more

Mac, beware of virus: in 2018 millions of users infected

A virus for the OS X operating system is among the ten most downloaded in the world. It is a fake antivirus program that asks users for money One of the few certainties in life is that Mac computers are safe from viruses and malware. The closed system built by Apple that allows you to … Read more

8 Internet of Things security technologies

The always-connected objects of the Internet of Things still haven’t received the same attention as other devices on the cybersecurity front Some predictions speak for themselves: the always-connected objects of the Internet of Things, which will grow more and more over the years, are putting a strain on the cybersecurity of companies. There are many … Read more