Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft united against terrorism

The four Silicon Valley giants, after the launch of the shared database, continue the commitment against terrorism and introduce the Global Internet Forum

The commitment of Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft against terrorism continues. After setting up a shared database last December, aimed at curbing the publication of offensive content, the four hi-tech giants are renewing their commitment, launching together the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism.

The purpose of the initiative is always the same: to combat terrorism, through the implementation of a series of joint and shared actions. The quartet will also work closely with institutions, starting from the recent initiatives decided in Taormina by the 7 greats of the Earth and also promoted by the EU Internet Forum, a plan that involves the main Internet companies in the war on terrorism. The new project, compared to the one launched in December, significantly strengthens the mission of the four Silicon Valley Bigs from different points of view, especially bureaucratic and operational.

Different actors involved

The Global Internet Forum, in addition to the European Union, will also work alongside the governments of the Old Continent and will collaborate with the United Nations. In the initiative set up by Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft there will also be space for small businesses and civil society. The goal is to join forces to eradicate terrorism. In particular, the group will develop both technological solutions, such as the use of machine learning in the detection and removal of content related to terrorism, and will leverage information sharing and mutual aid among those involved in this tough fight.

The 4 giants will train small companies

The four hi-tech giants will create, in collaboration with UN CTED (the United Nations Committee to Combat Terrorism) and the ICT4Peace foundation, a "shared knowledge" network to train small hi-tech companies in the war against the online publication of violent and extremist content.