Gvido, the Kindle for musicians

Gvido is a dual-screen device that allows you to read music and study tracks to play at concerts

Imagine an innovative folder to carry all your sheet music with you. Now you don't have to imagine it anymore because it exists and it's called Gvido. It is a kind of Kindle for musicians. Thanks to this tool, musicians will no longer have to keep sheets and notes at bay, and everything will be just a click away.

To see it, it looks like a large folder, like those used by TV presenters. In reality  once opened you have a dual 13.3-inch touchscreen. Of course, both displays are e-paper with e-Ink. Paired with the touchscreen is also a stylus pen that can be useful for underlining or highlighting important passages. This is an easily portable accessory, given its size: 482 X 310 X 6.05 millimeters. While the weight is just over 600 grams. In addition to the stylus pen, Gvido includes an elegant leatherette cover, in different colors, and also a stand to place it on a tool or on a plane.

Technical Features Gvido

On board we find an 8GB memory and there is no lack of wireless connectivity. There is the possibility to expand the storage thanks to microSD. The battery is rechargeable. Buying the accessory also includes a cloud service offered by the same manufacturer, Terrada Music Score. In addition, all scores and songs saved can be shared on social networks or with your network of contacts. At the moment Gvido will be available in the United States, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Shipments will start on September 20th and to buy it you will need about one thousand six hundred euros.