Happy birthday Super Mario: the most famous plumber turns 32 years old

The most famous plumber with a mustache in video games turns 32 years old. The first chapter, Super Mario Bros, was launched on September 13, 1985

How old will Super Mario be? Looking at him jumping and running in video games, the famous plumber of Nintendo seems to be going towards fifty, but Mario is "only" 32 years old. The first Super Mario video game was released on September 13, 1985, and despite the decades it continues to fascinate young and old alike.

The first game in the series was Super Mario Bros. I wonder if at the time of its launch Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of the Italian plumber with a mustache, expected to create an icon of the world of video games. Perhaps the most beloved character in the entire panorama of console games. Super Mario Bros alone has sold over 40 million copies. Within Super Mario Bros in addition, of course, to Mario, there are many other characters who have made the history of the Nintendo saga. Like Bowser, Mario's first real enemy, who kidnaps Princess Peach. The entire video game is instead set in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Happy Super Mario

Mario has undergone several variations over time, from the Kart series games to the recent Super Mario Run, designed for smartphones. But the fortune of the series was born with the style of play of Super Mario Bros. The various levels in which to control Mario and help him collect coins and defeat small and large opponents is still the most popular aspect of video game fans. Only the editions of Super Mario Kart, perhaps, have achieved the same success as the first chapter of Mario. To understand the success of Super Mario Bros we must say that only in 2009 a video game has exceeded 40 million copies sold. This is also a Nintendo title, Wii Sports (released in 2006). In total over the years Nintendo has made 17 different chapters in the saga of Super Mario, including spin-offs and mini-games, not including special versions. In the first Super Mario, the most agile plumber of video games had only four special abilities: the Super Mushroom that makes Mario bigger, then the Fire Flower that makes our favorite plumber able to shoot fireballs, then there was the Super Star that for 10 seconds makes the character invincible, and finally the Mushroom 1up that increased the life of Mario by one.