How to clear browser history automatically

To improve our online privacy, it is essential to clear browser history: from Chrome to Firefox, here's how to do it

Nowadays, web browsers contain an infinite amount of information related to our person. From our personal data to our credit cards. Without forgetting the history of the sites on which we have surfed. For this reason, deleting the browser history is an important aspect of privacy protection.

This is a very simple operation to put into practice, but partly out of laziness and partly out of disregard for their own computer security, most users do not delete the Internet history on a regular basis.

The steps to complete the process of deleting visited sites change depending on the web browser we use on our computer. If you are not particularly familiar with electronic devices - computers, smartphones or tablets - you don't have to worry, history deletion is a simple and really intuitive action that takes less than five minutes to do.

Here's how to delete history from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Deleting History from Google Chrome

On Chrome there is a quick command to open the History page. To get to the history tab just press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL or click on the menu (the icon with the three vertical dots), select Other Tools and click on Delete Browsing Data.

In the page dedicated to the history of the visited sites you can choose whether to delete everything or only what was recorded in a certain period of time (last hour, last day or last week). Then put the check mark next to the item Browsing history and all the items you want to delete. To finish the operation, click on the Delete Browsing Data button.

If the intent is to delete only data that refers to a specific website, the procedure is slightly different. Click again on the menu icon and then on the History item and then History again. At this point a tab will open where you can select multiple pages by putting a check mark on them. To proceed with the simultaneous deletion, click on Remove selected items.

Deleting Google Chrome history on smartphones and tablets

Do you want to delete history from Android smartphone or tablet? Go to your device's home screen and open the Chrome app. Then, tap on the three dots icon in the top right corner and then go to Settings. Locate the Privacy item and tap on Clear Browsing Data.

Make sure the check mark is on the Browsing History item, if not check it, and tap on Clear.

Delete Mozilla Firefox History

Also on Mozilla, once you launch a new tab, just press CRTL + SHIFT + DELETE to open the history section. If you go through the menu instead the path to take is: Settings>Privacy>History and then Clear Recent History.

In the window that opens, expand the Details menu and make sure there is a check mark next to the Browsing and Download History, Cookies, Cache and Accessed items. Click the Delete Now button and you're done.

Also in Firefox we can choose different options to delete the history of visited sites. For example, we can clear everything or just the last 24 hours. And we can also set the history to be deleted every time we close a session in use.

Deleting Microsoft Edge history

If you use Windows 10 and you're used to browsing with Microsoft Edge, you can use the shortcut used by all browsers (CRTL + SHIFT + DELETE) or open the menu sidebar by clicking on the icon with the three horizontal dots, select the Settings item and then Choose items to delete . Place a check mark where you think it is necessary and click Delete.

Do you want to delete a single site from your history? Always click on the menu icon, select the clock icon and locate the address you want to delete. Right-click on it and select Delete all visits to [address].

Deleting Internet Explorer 11 history

In Explorer, in addition to the options, press the shortcut CRTL + SHIFT + DELETE to open the History section or go to the 'scroll wheel' or 'gear' icon and click on Internet Options.

In the window that appears, select General and click on Delete. At this point, make sure that there is a check mark next to the items you want to delete and select the Delete button.

Carefully, if you do not want to delete browsing data for websites you have added to your favorites, keep the check mark in the box that says Keep data on favorite websites.

If you want to delete only one website from your history, click on the star icon, select the History tab and look for the address you want to delete. Right-click and select Delete. Now all you have to do is confirm the operation with Yes.

Deleting Internet Explorer history from Windows Phone

If you have a Windows Phone you can launch Internet Explorer from the home screen, click on the three-dot icon and select Settings.

Delete Safari History

If you are browsing online with Safari, all you need to do to delete the history from your favorite browser is to click on the History menu and select the Delete History item. A window will open. You can select which data to delete by selecting the options in the drop-down menu.

To delete a single page from the history, you can always go to the History menu and select the Show History item. Right-click on the address you want to remove and select Delete from the menu.