How to see Spain – Argentina streaming and TV

Spain - Argentina is the final of the World Cup of basketball. Here's how to watch the game on TV and streaming

A surprise final. Everyone was waiting for the United States and Serbia in the final, but both failed the goal by exiting badly in the quarters. The final of the World Basketball Championship 2019 is between Spain and Argentina, two national teams that have been great protagonists of the last 20 years and are now ready for the last dance.

It will be remembered as the World Championship of veterans. It was supposed to be the tournament that brought youngsters like Jokic and Giannis Antetokounmpo to the world's forefront and instead it was the over 30 duo that dominated: Marc Gasol and above all Luis Scola. The long Argentine at the threshold of 40 years has shown that he can still teach a lot to the younger ones, traveling almost at an average of 20 points and 10 rebounds. In the semifinal against France he showed high school plays and an encyclopedic knowledge of the game. The same can be said of Marc Gasol, who literally dragged Spain to the final with a great performance in the semifinal against Australia, closed with more than 30 points.

Spain - Argentina will be broadcast exclusively by Sky on the SkySport Arena channel. Also available streaming on SkyGo.

Spain - Argentina: start time

The start of the match is scheduled for 14:00 Italian time.

Where to see Spain - Argentina on TV

The 2019 World Basketball Championship was a Sky exclusive and so it will be also for the final. The match can be seen on TV on SkySport Arena channel (204).

How to watch streaming Spain - Argentina on SkyGo

If you are not at home you can watch Spain - Argentina streaming on SkyGo, Sky's on-demand platform. To use it, however, you must be a subscriber and have a supported device: smartphone, tablet and PC.

To watch streaming Argentina - Spain final of the basketball world cup you have to launch SkyGo and press on TV Channels. A list with all channels will open and you will have to select SkySport Arena. Pressing the Play button will start the media player with the streaming of the race.