TikTok challenges Spotify and Apple: music streaming service arrives

Music streaming arrives on TikTok: soon the famous social network could compete with Spotify and the like. Here are the details

TikTok is the app of the moment, the one ready to steal the scene from other social networks like Instagram, Facebook and derivatives. Loved by young people, now it has slowly conquered even adults, not to mention companies and even celebrities who gradually open a personal account performing in mini-videos more or less funny.

In short, its growth does not stop, indeed it is ready to conquer other markets, not only wants to launch a smartphone but also offer music streaming. Well yes, according to some rumors, TikTok would be ready to enter into direct competition with giants such as Amazon, Apple Music or Spotify, and given the success achieved, this hypothesis is far from unfounded. To do so, it would rely on Resso, an external app currently being tested in countries like India and Indonesia. What are Resso's features and why is it a real revolution for the online music industry?

What is Resso, TikTok's music streaming app?

Resso is the app developed by TikTok that allows you to stream music. How it works was described by Bloomberg. The news site would have also added an interesting indiscretion: its really advantageous price. In fact, Resso is available in the Indian Google Play Store in the form of a monthly subscription at a cost of 120 rupees, about 1.50 euros. The affordable price has triggered a wave of downloads in a few hours. In fact, more than 27 thousand users have downloaded it only two hours after its launch, and the number is constantly increasing.

But what does it allow you to do, besides listening to streaming music? Let's say it's a mix between the traditional functions of TikTok and those of Spotify and its derivatives: on the one hand, it proposes a rich catalog of songs, on the other hand, these can be used as a basis for creating your own videos.

In fact, not only can you play music, but also see the lyrics of the songs - karaoke style - and record classic mini-videos. Moreover, each clip can be customized with GIFs and emoticons of all kinds. The app, while available to many Indian users, is currently in the testing phase. In fact, for the moment, it can only be downloaded for a limited number of countries, and it's possible that it will undergo some important changes before arriving in Italy.

How many songs does Resso contain?

One of the application's strong points, besides its affordable price, is the catalog designed for the country of reference. In fact, for the moment the offer is only available in India, where partnerships have been made with the country's most famous labels, such as Times Music or T-Series.

According to this logic, the arrival in Italy will be preceded by agreements with specific partners, but of course we're talking about something that will happen in the future. It is not yet known if and when the novelty will arrive in our country. For the moment, Spotify and the like can sleep soundly.