How to see the 2019 Formula 1 Singapore GP on streaming and TV

The 2019 Formula 1 Singapore GP runs from September 20 to 22: here's how to watch it on TV and streaming on Sky and TV8

The 2019 Formula 1 Singapore GP runs over the weekend: the appointment is from September 20 to 22. Ferrari comes from a golden moment: two victories in the last two grand prix. Two victories signed Charles Leclerc, who during the summer seems to have made the final leap in quality: from great promise to phenomenon. Victories arrived on two historical tracks for the history of motor racing: Spa and Monza. After the European appointments, Formula 1 returns to Asia. Singapore has now become a regular appointment on the Formula 1 calendar: a city circuit with many slow turns and few straights. A Monaco GP in Asian sauce. A track that does not suit the characteristics of Ferrari, very strong on fast circuits (Spa and Monza) and in difficulty on circuits that require a lot of aerodynamic load (Monte Carlo and Budapest). The first free practice confirmed the forecasts of the eve: a Mercedes very strong on the fast lap and a Red Bull very strong in the race pace. The Ferraris are detached: the best is Vettel (third) at almost one second. Leclerc only sixth and with gearbox problems.

The 2019 Formula 1 Singapore GP is a Sky exclusive that will broadcast qualifying and race live on SkySport Uno and SkySport F1. Those who do not subscribe to Sky will be able to see the grand prix in deferred on TV8, digital terrestrial channel. Streaming is also available on TV8's website and on SkyGo, Sky's on-demand service.

Singapore GP 2019 Formula 1: qualifying and race schedule

Despite the fact that the race takes place in Asia, for Italian Formula 1 fans nothing changes in terms of schedule: the Singapore GP, in fact, will be held at night. Qualifying is scheduled for 15:00 on Saturday, September 21, while the start of the race is set for 14:10 on Sunday, September 22.

Saturday, September 21, 15:00

Singapore GP 2019 race: Sunday, September 22, 14:10.

How to watch the 2019 Formula 1 Singapore GP on TV

The 2019 Singapore GP is a Sky exclusive. To watch qualifying and the race of the Singapore GP you need to tune in to SkySport Uno (201) or SkySport F1 (207). In addition to qualifying and the race there will also be interventions from the paddock of the specialists of Sky.

Those who do not have a subscription to Sky will have to settle for watching on TV the 2019 Singapore GP deferred in clear on TV8, channel of digital terrestrial. The appointment is for Saturday at 18:00 with qualifying and Sunday, again at 18:00 with the race.

How to watch the 2019 Formula 1 Singapore GP in streaming

For Formula 1 fans there is also the possibility to watch the Singapore GP in streaming on SkyGo, Sky's on-demand platform. SkyGo is a service reserved for Sky customers and to use it you need to be registered on the satellite broadcaster's website.

To follow the Singapore GP 2019 you need to launch SkyGo, enter your login credentials and click on TV Channels. A list will open with all Sky channels available for streaming and pressing on SkySport Uno or SkySport F1 will start streaming the grand prix.

How to follow Singapore GP 2019 in free streaming

Don't have a Sky subscription? Don't worry, you can stream the 2019 Singapore GP for free on TV8's website. To access the portal, you don't have to pay any subscription or register with the platform. All you need is a device with a good Internet connection and a browser.

To watch Singapore GP live streaming open your browser, enter the URL of TV8 website and wait for the homepage to load. The media player with the channel's streaming will start in the middle.