How to watch the Champions League preliminaries live streaming

The 2017/2018 football season has already begun and the first appointments are the Champions League preliminaries: here's how to follow them live streaming

The vacations for soccer fans have lasted just over a month. From the Champions League final in Cardiff to the first preliminary round of the Champions Cup 2017/2018 have passed just over thirty days, just enough time to rest and start again more loaded than before. For those who will not be able to follow the preliminary rounds of the Champions League 2017/2018 on TV, they can do so by streaming on the Premium Play platform.

The season restarts from the 4-1 in Cardiff and with Real Madrid's victory in the final. But before reaching the qualifying rounds, some teams will have to overcome the preliminary rounds. To face the knockout games there will be teams that have won their national championship, but belong to weaker nations (Estonia, Gibraltar, San Marino, just to name a few) and those that have come third or fourth in the major European championships (Italy, France, Spain, Germany, England). For Italy, there will be Napoli, which, if it manages to pass the third preliminary round, will be able to reach Juventus and Roma, already qualified for the group stage.

The television rights of the Champions League 2017/2018 have been purchased by Mediaset, which will have the exclusive rights also on the third preliminary round of Napoli: fans who want to see the Neapolitan team live streaming will have to use the Premium Play platform. As far as the first two elimination rounds are concerned, the chances of watching the matches in streaming are minimal: the participating teams do not have much appeal for Italian fans.

How to watch the 2017/2018 Champions League preliminaries in streaming on Premium Play

The only way to follow the 2017/2018 Champions League preliminaries in live streaming for free is to use the Premium Play platform. In fact, the rights for the most important European Cup have been purchased by the Biscione TV that will broadcast the matches on Mediaset Premium. In addition to the digital channels, it will be possible to watch the preliminaries also in live streaming on Premium Play: you can access the platform from both smartphones and computers.

To see the 2017/2017 Champions League preliminaries in live streaming you will have to log into Premium Play and connect with the channel that is broadcasting the match. You must have a subscription to the sports package of Mediaset Premium.

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