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How to reset a Nintendo Switch?

If you encounter problems while using the Nintendo Switch, you can solve them by resetting the console. In addition to performing a hard reset, which loses all data and settings, there are two other options you can use to reset the Switch.

How to reset the Nintendo Switch if you have problems

If you have problems with your Nintendo Switch, you don't necessarily have to reset the console to factory settings. Depending on the nature of the problem, it is often already sufficient to clear the cache or reset the firmware. To delete the cache, navigate to "System Settings" > "Console" > "Formatting Functions" in the home menu and select "Reset Cache". To reset the firmware instead, turn off the console, press both "Volume buttons" and the "Power button" at the same time in handheld mode, and select "Reset console without erasing memory data" in the menu that opens.

How to perform a hard reset on the Nintendo Switch

If you could not solve the problems with your console in any other way, the last option left is to perform a hard reset. However, since this will reset the Nintendo Switch to factory settings, all your personal data, settings and game saves will be lost.
  1. To reset the Nintendo Switch, please start the console first and go to the home menu.
  2. In the menu, then navigate to "System Settings" > "Console" > "Formatting Options" and select the entry "Reset to Factory Settings".
  3. If access to the menu of the console is no longer possible, you can alternatively reset the Switch by holding down the "power button" for about 15 seconds.

By Atrice Marcyniuk

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