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GIMP Mac - how to install the program

To edit photos on your Mac, GIMP is a good choice. The program is free for you to download and has a wide range of features. Read here how to install GIMP on Mac and then launch it for use.

How to install GIMP on Mac

The popular and free image editor GIMP can be used not only on Windows PC, but also on Mac. To use GIMP on your Mac, it is necessary to install the program beforehand. For this, you need the installation file of GIMP, which you can download from the GIMP website.
  1. To do this, go to the page at gimp.org and click on the "Download" button on the home page to get to the download page.
  2. There, click on "View downloads for macOS" and look for the latest GIMP version available for the Mac.
  3. Download it to your Mac by selecting "Download" and then open the GIMP download package to extract the files it contains.
  4. Now navigate to your application folder in a new Finder window and copy the GIMP application here.

GIMP: Launch the image editor on Mac

To launch GIMP on your Mac after installation, please double-click the GIMP icon. If you open GIMP for the first time, a window will appear where you need to confirm the launch of the program by clicking "Open". To open an image for editing in GIMP now, which is already on your Mac, go to "File" > "Insert" in the GIMP menu and select the corresponding image.

By Yerxa Quann

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