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Creating a table in LaTex - how to do it

LaTex is a command-based word processor in which you can create a table without installing any additional packages. You can learn which commands you need to create and format the table and how to add content to a table in LaTex here.

How to create a table in LaTex

If you want to add a table to a document created in LaTex to better display data or results, it is quite easy to do so. Before you start creating the actual table, please enter the command "\begin{table}" to generate the table environment and specify its position.
  1. Now to start with the table, enter the command "\begin{tabular}" and directly behind it specify the alignment of the text in the table by typing [t] for "top", [b] for "bottom" or [c] for "center".
  2. By inserting a curly bracket, you can also specify the number of columns that your table should have.
  3. Once you have created the table, the next step is to insert the content. Use "&" to separate text for different columns and "\\" to jump to the next line of the table.

How to design your table in LaTex

In addition, you have several options in LaTex to design your table. If you want to add a caption to it, this is possible by entering "\caption[table name]". To insert the table into a table directory later on, you have to give it an additional label with "\labe{}". Once you are done with the creation and layout of the table, please enter the commands "\end{tabular}" and "\end{table}" to exit the table and the table environment.

By Calvin Valvo

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