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Creating a bibliography with latex - how to do it

Latex is mainly used in school and academic fields to create papers. Since its structured way of working already gives you a formatting for your document, it is becoming more and more popular in other fields as well. To create a bibliography in latex, only a few tags are necessary.

How to create a bibliography with latex

Working with latex can save you a lot of work on long documents, especially when it comes to formatting. A bibliography is structured in such a way that you first create a file in which all bibliographic data for the individual works are enumerated.
  1. The individual works, on the other hand, are also given their own identifier. A work is then represented like this, for example: @BOOK{mueller2000, AUTHOR="J.-A. Müller", TITLE="Systems Engineering", PUBLISHER="Manz-Verlag Schulbuch (Fortis)", YEAR=2000, ADDRESS="Wien" }
  2. So you have to enumerate each literature used in the file. Be sure to build the identifiers consistently.
  3. In your Latex document, you must specify your citation method at the beginning of the document. Über den Befehl "\bibliographystyle{alphadin}" nutzen Sie die Harvard-Methode.
  4. Mit "\citep[vgl.][]{mueller2000}" können Sie anschließend innerhalb des Texts auf ein Werk hindeuten.
  5. If you now want to create a bibliography, you only have to enter the tag: "\bibliography{literature}" at the desired position.
  6. In addition, you can use "\addcontentsline{toc}{section}{literature}" to ensure that your bibliography is also listed in your table of contents. This is very important especially for longer documents.

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