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Android Q: Soft Reset - how it works

Sometimes it can happen on smartphones or tablets with Android Q as operating system that they no longer respond to inputs. If this is the case for you, performing a soft reset is the fastest way to fix the problem.

Android Q: How to perform a soft reset

If your Android Q device experiences software problems that cause it to hang and stop responding, a soft reset can help. This forces the device to restart without losing the data on it.
  1. How you can perform the soft reset on an Android Q device depends on which manufacturer it comes from.
  2. For most smartphones, such as those from Samsung, Huawei, and LG, the soft reset can be performed by pressing the "Power Button" and the "Volume Down Button" simultaneously until the device vibrates and restarts.
  3. If you have an HTC or a Sony smartphone, please press instead simultaneously on the "Power button" and the "Volume down button" to perform the soft reset.

What to do if a soft reset on Android Q does not help

If the problems persist even after performing the soft reset, it is often necessary to perform a hard reset. However, since the device is reset to factory settings during this, please make sure to create a data backup beforehand. If you have created a backup, simply navigate to "Settings" > "Advanced" > "Reset options" on your Android Q device and first tap "Erase all data" and then "Reset phone" to delete all data from the device.

By Maffa Reffett

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