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Using iPad as a second screen - with apps to a second monitor

More screen space never hurts. But why buy a new monitor when you already have an iPad? With several apps, you can use your iPad as a second screen with both your iMac and a Windows computer.

What apps are great for using your iPad as a secondary monitor?

There is already a wide range of apps designed to make Apple devices usable as complementary screens.
  1. Air Display: For 16.99 euros, the software company Avatron offers the possibility to connect your Mac with other Apple devices - so in addition to your iPad, a MacBook or an iPhone, for example, can also be used as a secondary monitor. You download the main software from the App Store via your iPad. For the main monitor, use the free driver software. The connection works via WLAN.
  2. Duet Display: This app costs 10.99 euros in the App Store and offers a decisive advantage: It also supports a Windows device as the main monitor. As with Air Display, you can connect both your iPad and your iPhone as a second monitor. The connection between the main device and the second monitor is established via the iPad's charging cable - so you don't have to purchase this additionally. The cable connection also guarantees a fast transfer between the two devices.

What else do you need to consider?

If you are not using your iPad as a tablet for drawing, it can be useful to acquire a suitable stand so that your second screen actually stands upright. You can use a classic iPad stand for this purpose. However, you can now also find models, so-called "mounties", with which you can attach your iPad directly to your main monitor.

By Killarney Tuitt

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