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using your iPhone as a baby monitor: With this app it goes

The iPhone helps in all situations and new parents are not left out. With the help of an app, you can use the Apple smartphone as a baby monitor. This allows you to keep an eye on your baby at all times. In addition, the application offers you even more options and features.

Always alert: The iPhone notices what's going on in the baby's room.

How to use your iPhone as a baby monitor

A prerequisite for use is an app of your choice. For this purpose, for example, the app "Babyphone 3G" is available in the App Store for 5.49 euros. By the way, the app also exists for Android users. Alternatively, you can choose an app like "MAM Baby Phone". You can also get this for free in the Store.
  • Logically, you need a second device to complete the setup. However, this can also be an Android tablet or smartphone.
  • If the app is set up on both devices, the use is the same as with any conventional baby monitor: one device remains near the baby, the other with you.
  • On WLAN, even live streaming is possible, via mobile data there are photos after all.
  • Thanks to two-way communication, parents can also talk to the child.
  • The app allows notifications and alarms as soon as noises sound in the nursery.
The iPhone thus becomes a baby monitor, with which you do not have to do without any important features. About regular updates, moreover, bugs are fixed quickly. Nevertheless, a separate baby monitor also offers its advantages. So you do not have to reckon with disconnections or software errors.

By Sweet Feekes

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